Unreported Income Fraud

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What Is Unreported Income Fraud?

Unreported income fraud occurs when a person purposely fails to report their true income when they are required to do so under law. Many different types of legal proceedings require an accurate assessment of a person’s assets and income. Failing to provide correct figures can lead to injustices or incorrect conclusions during court proceedings. Thus, state and federal laws provide strict regulations for situations involving income reports.

What Legal Issues Involve Unreported Income?

Unreported income may be an issue in many different types of legal proceedings, including:

For example, spousal support is generally determined by the income level of each party. If one party falsifies information or hides their assets, it can seriously alter the amount of spousal support required each month. Thus, laws are very strict when it comes to reporting income.

Legal Consequences for Failing to Report Income

Generally, unreported income can lead to legal consequences if the person acted intentionally. The law makes provisions for reasonable errors or mistakes in an income report. However, if the person knew or should have known about a mistake or error, yet failed to correct it, then the failure to act could also lead to a violation.

Income report violations may lead to white collar crime penalties such as:

Can a Lawyer Help Me with Unreported Income Fraud?

Intentionally falsifying or withholding income information is considered a serious violation. If you have any questions, concerns, or legal inquiries involving unreported income, you may need to hire a lawyer. A qualified lawyer in your region can help inform you of your rights when it comes to financial laws. Many legal disputes can be avoided by hiring a lawyer to help with income reports. Also, if you need to attend any court proceedings, your lawyer will be able to guide you through the process.

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