Teacher Tenure Laws

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Teacher Tenure Laws

While every state has different tenure laws, there are certain consistent tenure principles applicable to most states.

What Is Tenure?

Tenure is an employment status that can be achieved by teachers where a teacher’s employment contract becomes indefinite and they cannot be terminated without sufficient cause and process.

When Is a Teacher Eligible for Tenure?

Teachers can attain tenure after successfully teaching at a school district for a specified period of time set by the state. Most states require between 3-5 years of successful teaching prior to being eligible for tenure.

What Protections Does Tenure Provide?

Once a teacher earns tenure, they earn certain rights, including:

When Can a Tenured Teacher be Dismissed?

Tenured teachers may be subject to termination for certain reasons, including:

What Process Is Required to Termination a Tenured Teacher?

If a school district takes termination action against a tenured teacher, they must provide the teacher with:

Contacting an Attorney

If you have issues regarding tenured status, contact an experienced attorney to help you resolve your issue.

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