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Protecting Your Child at School

If a public school violates your rights or your child’s rights, it may be time to hire an education lawyer with administrative law experience. This article will explain when and how to retain an experienced education and administrative law attorney.

Filing a Complaint

When a public school violates a right guaranteed by law, before you file a lawsuit, you should first file a complaint with your school district. Each school district has a different procedure for processing complaints.
If the district does not fix the problem, you can sue your school and school district.

What Kind of Violations Can I Sue My School For?

There are three types of lawsuits that commonly arise: 

Do I Need an Attorney?

Lawsuits against government entities are procedurally complex and the school or district will be represented by attorneys who handle similar cases on a daily basis. An education attorney can help level playing field against the school or district, evaluate your options and represent you at administrative hearings or in court.

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