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Individualized Education Programs(IEPs) are for children with disabilities. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), every public school child who receives special education must have an IEP.

Who Makes the IEP?

School administrators, teachers, parents, and any other individuals that the school or the parents want to include (such as doctors or therapists) all work together to create an IEP that satisfies the needs of the child. The school cannot just prepare an IEP. Parents must be active participants in developing an education plan for their child.

How Is the IEP Made?

Once a child is found eligible for special education the school staff schedules an IEP meeting. Parents, school staff, and other necessary people get together to discuss and plan the best way to meet the educational needs of the child.

What Must an IEP Include?

An IEP must include:

What Happens once the IEP Has Been Made?

What if I Don't Agree with My Child's IEP?

If you do not agree with your child's IEP you can:

Should I Contact a Lawyer about My Child's IEP?

If you disagree with your child's IEP, you may want to speak to a lawyer specializing in education and schools. A lawyer can help you understand your options and guide you through a mediation or due process hearing.

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