Saline Implant Rupture

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Saline Implant Rupture

During breast augmentation surgery, implants are placed inside the breasts. There are two popular types of implants: silicone and saline. 

Saline implants are filled with salt water. During the operation, the plastic surgeon inserts an empty implant and then fills it with salt water.

When the outer shell of a saline implant breaks, it is referred to as a “breast implant rupture.” This causes the implant to become deformed or deflated. Sometimes, one or both implants may rupture without a woman knowing it. This is a silent rupture.

Symptoms of a Breast Implant Rupture

For most women, symptoms of ruptured breast implants may include:

A woman may see the following visible symptoms:

What Are the Reasons For Implants Ruptures?

A rupture of a breast implant can happen at any time and for a variety of reasons. The following are some possible reasons for a rupture:

What Is a Defective Product?

A defective product is a product that is unsafe for the general public because of some manufacture or design flaw. When the unsafe product is put on the market, it may cause harm or injury to the user of the product. When an implant breaks, it may because the implant is defective.

Who Is Responsible for the Ruptured Implant?

Breast implants are considered surgically implanted medical devices. These devices are placed in the body for an extended period of time. When a woman is injured by a non-defective product, the following may be responsible depending on the circumstances:

Typically, the surgeon who performed the procedure is liable for a failed breast implant.

Should I Contact an Attorney about a Saline Implant Rupture?

A ruptured implant may be a legal issue. If you are injured because of a saline implant rupture, it is highly recommended that you contact a personal injury attorney. An attorney will explain whether you have a case and the next steps in filing a legal claim.

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