Improper treatment claims occur when a patient receives treatment that is not sufficient to remedy their medical condition. These types of claims typically involve various medical malpractice issues. Some of these issues include:

An example of improper treatment is where a patient needs a surgical operation, but a physician prescribes only painkillers to remedy the medical condition. These types of situations can result from a number of miscommunications and other errors. Improper medical treatment can result in further injuries and other medical complications.

Who can be Held Liable for Improper Treatment?

In many cases, a diagnosing physician can be held liable injuries resulting from improper treatment. In such cases, the physician may be held liable under medical malpractice laws. An example of this is where a physician does not follow standard medical procedures in examining a patient, which leads to an improper diagnosis of a condition.

Other parties can be held liable as well. Some improper medical treatment cases are the result of complex interactions between doctors, nurses, medical staff, administrative personnel, and other persons. For instance, if a nurse fails to communicate important information in relation to the treatment, they may also be held liable or partially liable under a nurses negligence theory of law.

What are the Legal Remedies for an Improper Treatment Claim?

Injuries resulting from improper treatment can be serious and may require legal action to resolve any issues. In such cases, the legal remedy will typically involve some form of monetary damages award. The damages may cover expenses such as additional medical treatment, costs of surgery, prescription medication expenses, lost wages, and other losses.

Also, in cases where extreme negligence or recklessness is involved, punitive damages may also be factored into the damages award. 

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with an Improper Treatment Lawsuit?

Improper treatment cases can be complex and may require the assistance of a lawyer. You may need to hire a personal injury lawyer in your area if you need help with a lawsuit. Your attorney can provide you with representation, and can guide you through the process.