Unlicensed Plastic Surgery Lawsuit

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Unlicensed Plastic Surgery Lawsuit

A plastic surgeon is someone with special skills, knowledge, and training in cosmetic surgery. In order to legally perform plastic surgery in the United States, a surgeon must be licensed in the state where he or she is practicing. The license gives the surgeon the right to perform cosmetic surgery on patients.

What Is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery, also called cosmetic surgery, refers to surgical procedures that enhance, restore, or repair the function or appearance of the body. Procedures include facelifts, breast augmentations, and nose jobs.

What Is Unlicensed Plastic Surgery?

Unlicensed plastic surgery has nothing to do with the procedure. This term refers to surgery performed by someone who is not legally licensed to perform cosmetic surgery. Unlicensed surgeons may or may not have the medical training, skills, and background to perform the surgery.

Can Unlicensed Plastic Surgery Lead to a Lawsuit?

Yes it can lead to unlicensed plastic surgery lawsuit. This type of lawsuit based on personal injury and more specifically malpractice. To successfully prove the unlicensed surgeon harmed a patient the following must be proven:

Should I Contact an Attorney?

Plastic surgery performed by unlicensed surgeons are dangerous. If you had cosmetic surgery done by a surgeon who operated without a license, you will want to talk to a personal injury attorney. An attorney will guide you through the legal process of suing the unlicensed plastic surgeon.

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