Rezulin, or Troglitazone, is a drug that was used to treat type-2 diabetes, or diabetes mellitus.

Why Was Rezulin Removed from the Market?

Upon a review of safety data, the FDA concluded that Rezulin was more toxic to the liver than either Avandia or Actos, which both treat type-2 diabetes.  Those two drugs were found to provide the same benefits as Rezulin without the same risk.  Because these safer alternatives existed, Rezulin’s manufacturer agreed to the FDA’s request to pull Rezulin from the market.

What are the Side Effects of Rezulin?

Rezulin was known to have caused severe liver toxicity since its introduction into the market.  Use of Rezulin has been linked to liver problems, including liver failure.

What Should I Do if I Have Used Rezulin?

If you have used Rezulin, you should first contact your doctor who can inform you of the risks.  If you have unused Rezulin, you may want to think about returning it to the manufacturer.  They will reimburse you for unused supplies.  You may need to provide:

  • Your unused Rezulin tablets
  • The receipt
  • Name and address
  • Cost of mailing the tablets
  • A print-out of your pharmacy’s prescription receipt (if you do not have the tablets or proof of payment) and a good-faith estimate of the number of unused tablets

Do I Need a Lawyer if I Have Suffered an Injury due to Rezulin?

If you have suffered injuries due to the use of Rezulin, an experienced products liability attorney can help you recover damages for your injuries.  A class action attorney can file all the necessary paperwork and represent you in court.