Permax is one of the commercial forms of Pergolide Mesylate.  Pergolide Mesylate is a dopamine precursor that promotes the body?s production of the dopamine neurotransmitter.  It is often used as medication for those living with Parkinson’s disease.  Dopamine is one of the chemicals that help control body movement.  Pergolide is a highly potent and effective drug for those with motor function problems.

Adverse Effects of Permax
There have been side effects reported by users of Permax that have been unexpected including falling asleep at random times during daily activity. Some of these episodes of sleep have occurred while operating motor vehicles.

Current Status of Pergolide Mesylate
The FDA has released a warning about the onset of sudden sleep and has asked Permax to address the issue on its warning label.

If you have suffered unexplained injuries while using a Pergolide Mesylate such as Permax, you may wish to contact an experienced class action attorney to help preserve your legal rights and ability to recover for your injuries.