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Can a Landlord Increase a Residential Tenant's Rent in a Non Rent Controlled Jurisdiction?

A landlord generally has the right to increase a tenants rent without limitation in a non rent controlled jurisdiction. A landlord must terminate the old lease agreement and create a new lease agreement to increase the rent. This is done by giving proper notice to the tenant that the current lease will be terminated and by giving the tenant the option to enter into a new lease agreement at the higher rent. 

How Much Notice Does a Landlord Need to Give a Residential Tenant to Increase the Rent?

The period of notice that is required depends on the type of lease agreement the landlord and tenant entered into: 

Can a Landlord Increase a Residential Tenant’s Rent in a Rent Controlled Jurisdiction?

The answer to this question is: sometimes. If a tenant resides in a jurisdiction that has rent control, then the tenant’s rent can only be increased in accordance with the rent control regulations issued by the rent control board. The most common reasons for rent increases in such jurisdictions are: 

Should I Contact an Attorney Regarding a Residential Rent Increase?

Landlord tenant law is very complex, varies by city, and is constantly undergoing changes. A real estate lawyer will be able to advise you of the exact rules your city has regarding rent increases and can protect your rights, whether you are an owner trying to increase a tenants rent or a tenant fighting an attempted rent increase.

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