Property Disputes between Neighbors in Florida

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Property Disputes between Neighbors in Florida

Owning property can bring about complicated legal issues, especially if your neighbors and you have disagreements. Below is an overview of the laws on property disputes between neighbors in Florida.

Law on Trees

Florida allows property owners to recover actual damages that their trees suffered. Actual damages are the amount that the tree cost the owner to buy or the cost that the owner must pay to make the tree whole again. Unlike other states, Florida does not allow punitive damages for people who deliberately damaged the trees. Even so, Florida’s laws on theft or property may apply.

Law on Fences

A boundary fence is a fence that defines your property lines. If your neighbor’s fence is infringing on your property and has stayed there over an extended period of time, then your neighbor may eventually own that part of your property.

Although Florida does not specifically have a law on fences, the counties’ local laws and ordinances may have some that apply.

Laws on Farms

Most states have laws for farms that excuse them from noise ordinance. In Florida, the law prohibits a farming operation to be ruled a nuisance if it has been operating for over a year and that it was not considered a nuisance at the time it started to operate. However, exceptions do apply under various circumstances.

Do I Need a Florida Real Estate Lawyer?

If you are facing property issues, please consult a real estate lawyer. A lawyer can advise you on your property rights and help you advocate for what rightfully belongs to you.

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