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What is a Property Dispute?

A property dispute refers to any legal dispute involving real property, also known as real estate. Real property is immoveable property attached directly to the land. Real property includes single-family homes, condominiums, apartments, ponds, canals, and roads.

Parties to Property Disputes

Property disputes may involve the following parties, including but not limited to:

Because of the potential numerosity of parties and disputes involving real property, property disputes make up a large portion of legal claims filed each year. In many cases, legal remedies may include a damages award to cover the plaintiff’s losses, or an injunction ordering one party to remedy a property defect or preventing a party from doing something on his or her property (such as building a spite fence).

Common Types of Property Disputes

Property disputes can happen for any number of reasons. Some common property disputes are as follows:

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Cloud on Title

A property dispute can put a “cloud” or irregularity in the chain of title of a property. They can happen for any number of reasons, but they are commonly the result of the following:

Clouds of title are discovered during a title search and prevent a homeowner from refinancing or selling his or her home. They can be resolved by initiating an action to quiet title or quitclaim deed.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Property disputes may involve some very specific legal issues and matters, and real property laws vary from state to state. You may wish to hire a lawyer if you need help resolving any property dispute. Regardless of who the parties are, or what types of legal issues are involved, the help of a lawyer is indispensable for these types of cases. Your local real estate attorney should be knowledgeable about the real estate laws in your state and can help you navigate through the process, from filing your claim to trial, if necessary.

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