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What Are Overtime Pay Laws in Texas?

Mandatory minimum wage and overtime laws for American workers are legislated by both state and federal regulations. In Texas, the minimum wage is set at $7.25. The Fair Standards Labor Act (FSLA) establishes a work week of 40 hours for most professions in which employees are eligible for mandatory overtime pay. If employees in these professions work more than 40 hours in a work week, they are paid at a time and a half rate for those additional hours.

Time and a half rate for $7.25 minimum wage equates to a mandatory overtime rate of $10.88 per hour in Texas.  

How Do Employees Accumulate Overtime Pay?

What if My Employer Isn’t Paying Overtime?

Texas employees who are eligible for overtime, but not receiving OT can file complaints with the Department of Labor in Texas. This complaint is known as an FLSA violation claim. Each year several claims are successfully filed to ensure that Texas residents receive FLSA mandated wages for minimum wage and overtime.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Labor laws can be complicated, but employers are required by state and federal legislation to provide mandatory overtime rates for employees in Texas. An employment lawyer can help you research the specific laws in your state and represent you in a case to secure the back overtime pay you are entitled to.

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