Serevent and Advair are bronchodilators used to treat asthma and other breathing problems.  Both of these products contain salmeterol.  These products reduce inflammation and allow air passageways to be open for easier breathing. 

Adverse Effects of Serevent and Advair

There have been a significant number of deaths related to Serevent and Advair.  These products have triggered severe asthma attacks when used without a corticosteroid.  The FDA and the manufacturer agree that you should inform your doctor if you are taking one of these drugs.  You should not immediately stop using this product because that can also trigger severe asthma attacks. 

Current Status of Serevent and Advair

The manufacturer has suspended its safety drug trials because of the severe and life threatening reactions by its users.  The manufacturer is conducting further lab testing to ensure the safety of their products.  If you have been injured because of the use of Serevent or Advair, seeking a defective products attorney that specializes in medical product defects would help you retain your rights and your ability to recover for your injuries. Medical defect cases such as this are often difficult to pursue because of the federal laws and medical nature of the case.  Seeking an attorney that specializes in medical defect cases is the best way to preserve your rights and ability to recover for your injuries.