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What Is Online Piracy?

Online piracy can be many things, but the most common forms are downloading songs and movies illegally. Many sites offer free servers (i.e., Kazaa, IMesh, etc) that allow a person to download movies and songs absolutely free. Since people can just get pirated songs and movies for free rather than pay for it, musicians and movie producers suffer heavy losses.

How Can it Be Illegal if so Many People Do it?

There are no specific laws addressing online piracy (though some are definitely in the works). However, just because there are no specific laws doesn't mean online piracy is legal. Online piracy is federal copyright infringement. The fact that many people engage in online piracy does not change that fact.

What Are the Consequences of Online Piracy?

Online piracy is difficult to catch because of the nature of the internet. However, if you are caught, punishment can include:

Are There Any Defenses To Online Piracy?

A successful online piracy charge consists of a few elements: (1) downloading or using material (2) which is copyrighted (3) without paying for the material to the producers or disturbers. As such, there are a few defenses:

Should I Get an Attorney if I am Accused of Online Piracy?

If you are accused of online piracy, you most likely will have to pay heavy fines for the items you have downloaded. Contact a copyright infringement attorney to learn more about your rights, defenses, and the complicated legal system.

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