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 What Law Areas Are Taken into Account in the Regulation of the Internet?

How Is Defamation Law Used in the Regulation of the Internet?

Because messages can be transmitted between countries which may have very different laws, determining the laws that govern your actions would be difficult. However, by maintaining one set of standards for the virtual “place” called the Internet, you can more easily determine the laws that are applicable to your actions.

How Is Copyright Law Used in the Regulation of the Internet?

The basic justification for copyright protection is that giving a special property right to control the reproduction and distribution of works to authors will increase the supply of such works because authors have a financial incentive to engage in the creative process. One of the features of the Internet is its capacity to allow authors to convey their work instantaneously to the world. With this advantage comes the burden of regulation and protection. Content on the Internet is also subject to the laws of copyright.

How Is Antitrust Law Used in the Regulation of the Internet?

The Internet is also viewed as a marketplace with a distinct economy. Rights to Internet access and consumer protection provide reason for enacting such laws to ensure the all citizens have unimpeded rights to access without a monopoly of one access provider and the creation of Internet-based lawmaking institutions.

How Is Trademark Law Used in the Regulation of the Internet?

Domain names are critical for identification purposes. Just as brand names act as source identifiers in trademark law which require the protection of the reputation developed through use of the brand name, domain names require similar protection. Without such regulation, consumers are likely to become confused as to what products come from what sources on the Internet.

Should I Consult a Lawyer about My Cyberspace Issue?

Legislatures are slowly catching up with the advances in the Internet. Laws regulating cyberspace activities are popping up frequently, and a good lawyer can keep you apprised of the new laws regulating business on the Internet to insure that your business conforms. An entertainment attorney can also help you if you feel you have been a victim of an Internet scam or cybersquatting. Further, an attorney can research domain names and trademarks, or pursue a lawsuit for trademark infringement.


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