In Texas, persons under 18 years of age may not get married unless special circumstances arise.

The General Age Rule for Marriage in Texas

The general rule is that only persons 18 years of age or older may freely marry. The purpose of this rule is to protect minors from being forced into marriage and to ensure persons have reached a certain mental maturity before marrying.

Exception to the Rule

Fortunately, Texas does make exceptions to their general age rule. Minors at least 14 years of age may get marry if they get parental consent. Parents and/ or guardians must give consent within 30 days prior to the minors applying for the marriage license.

A judge normally grants marriage licenses to persons who he believes to have parental consent, reached mental and financial capacity, are of a certain age, and the couple is not blood relative. Moreover, the couple does not need to meet all four factors for the judge to grant the marriage license.

What If the Minor Does Not Get Parental Consent?

Even if the minor does not obtain parental consent, they may still petition to the court for a marriage license, especially if they meet all of the requirements for emancipation. In those cases, a family law lawyer will help.

Consulting a Family Lawyer

Although a lawyer is not needed to get a marriage license, complicated circumstances may require one. A Texas family lawyer can advise the young couple prenuptial agreements, and alternative emancipation routes to take.