Burglary is the breaking and entering into a structure to commit another crime thereafter. The breaking and entering is considered unauthorized because the person does not have permission from the owner to break into and/or enter the property. Unlike robbery, burglary does not require the use of force to be charged with the crime.

What Is Possession of Burglary Tools in Nevada?

Possession of burglary tools is a crime in Nevada that occurs when a person makes, mends, or possesses a tool used to commit a crime. The circumstances show the person’s intent to use the tool to commit burglary.

What Is Considered a Burglary Tool?

Burglary tools recognized by Nevada include:

  • Nippers
  • False key
  • Picklock
  • Bit
  • Any machine, tool, or engine created, adapted, or designed to be used in a commission of a crime

Why Am I Being Charged When I Only Had the Tools in My Possession?

According to the law, state prosecutors can presume a person planned to burglarize property just because they have the tools in their possession. This is because mere possession of the tools is enough to prove the intent of a person to use them.

Is Possessing Burglary Tools the Same as Criminal Possession of a Weapon?

No. Possession of a weapon is a crime if the person has a weapon that is considered illegal or if the person possessing the weapon is prohibited by law from weapon possession. By possessing the weapon, the person is not indicating intent to commit another crime. A person generally possesses burglary tools because they are intending to commit a burglary.

What Is the Jail Sentence for Having Burglary Tools?

This crime is a gross misdemeanor in Nevada. This means it is punishable by:

  • A year in county jail
  • $2.000 fine
  • County jail time and pay a fine

Should I Hire a Lawyer to Help Me with This Charge?

It is imperative you contact a Nevada criminal lawyer to know about your rights, defenses, and options to resolve your case. A lawyer can help your properly defend yourself against a burglary tools charge.