There are numerous actions you can take to prevent your home from being the target of a burglary. The following is a long list of these actions:

  • Answering Machine – You should do two things in regards to your answering machine: leave a vague message like "I can’t get to the phone right now" and that way you can leave the volume turned up. The other thing would be to keep the volume turned down so as not to attract the attention of potential thieves.
  • Occupied Appearance – When away from home, make your home appear as though it remains occupied by leaving shades up and curtains drawn.
  • Keys – Be careful not to lose keys in a public place, and if you do, make sure you haven’t identified what the keys belong to so that any stranger might be able to use them.
  • "Beware" Signs -If you have a dog or alarm system, or even if you don’t, post a beware of dog or an alarm warning sign to alert thieves to potential dangers that may confront them in their attempts to burglarize your property.
  • Neighborhood Watch Program – Organize a program in which neighbors fight towards a common cause of preventing burglary.
  • Peephole – Install a peephole with a wider angle so as to view a larger portion of your entrance where a stranger may be waiting for you to open your door and attack.
  • Vacations – When you go on vacation, put your newspaper on hold and request mail collection by a post office or neighbor.
  • Premises Lighting – By maintaining a well-lit premise, you can deter a potential thief who is afraid of being spotted in the light.
  • Secure Tool Shed – A tool shed in a backyard in a source of tools that a burglar can use to break into your house or simply a source of goods to be stolen period.
  • Secure Garage – Like a tool shed, a garage may contain tools a burglar can use to break into your home. Additionally, if your garage is attached to your home, and you simply use the closed garage to secure entry to your home rather than locking the door between your garage and your home, a burglar may be provided with easy access to your home.
  • Sliding Glass Doors – Sliding glass doors are easy to remove from their tracks to get into a home. It is recommended to either secure the door with screws or a steel rod or actually replace the door with some alternative such as a wood door which is more difficult to break than glass.
  • Secure Entries – Do not leave any windows or doors unlocked or open when away from your house.
  • Alarm System – Installation of an alarm system is an excellent way to prevent burglaries. With or without a warning sign, any intruder is likely to be scared away upon the trigger of an alarm system (unless, of course, it’s a silent alarm).

Victims of a Felony

If you are a victim of a burglary, you should call the police. If there is sufficient evidence, the police will then forward your case to the District Attorney’s office to prosecute the person who committed the burglary.