Supervised probation allows you to to stay out of prison while remaining subject to certain restrictions on your freedom. Although probation requirements vary from place to place, and even from person to person, there are several rules that are common to most probation requirements:

  1. In almost every case, supervised probation requires that you report to your probation officer on a regular basis. Depending on the terms of your probation, these meetings can be as frequent as once a week. Generally, you have to meet with your officer in person. These meetings are very important and if you miss one you might be found in violation of your probation, which might lead to jail time.
  2. You are also required to stay out of trouble. Committing any crimes, even those unrelated your original crime, is enough to get your probation revoked. Probation often requires that you do not associate with known criminals, keep a curfew, and sometimes take a regular drug test.You might also be required to take part in drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs.

Are You Concerned About Violating Your Parole?

It is important that you follow the rules of your probation in order to avoid jail time. If you are concerned that you may have violated your probation, you should consult with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Not every probation violation results in jail time and an experienced criminal defense attorney can let you know what your options are and can help you decide what might be the best course of action.