What is an Immigration Application?

An “immigration application” refers to the documentation and paperwork that is necessary during the immigration process. It usually refers to applications for permanent residency (i.e., green card applications). However, the term can refer to nearly many other types of immigration matters, such as non-immigrant visas and other categories. 

For many people, the prospect of relocating to the United States begins with an immigration application, so it’s important that these be filled out properly and correctly.

What Are Some Requirements for an Immigration Application?

Requirements for immigration applications will be different depending on the type of visa or document being applied for. However, most immigration applications will require forms of proof such as:

  • Birth certificates
  • Medical records
  • Photo ID
  • Evidence of a clean criminal record
  • Record of previous residences
  • Bank account statements and job records
  • Various other documents as needed

Thus, you will need to supply these documents and any others that are requested for the immigration application. Failure to produce such documents can negatively affect one’s chances at obtaining a visa document. 

What if an Immigration Application Has Been Denied?

Immigration applications can be denied for several reasons. As mentioned, an immigration document may be denied or delayed if any of the required documents are not submitted in the time they’re requested. Also, immigration applications can be denied simply because quotas for the year have been reached. 

In many cases, a denied immigration application can be appealed, subject to some limitations. This is likely the case if there has been an administrative or procedural error; appeals aren’t allowed in all cases and usually require the assistance of a lawyer. 

Lastly, if the immigration application has been denied due to fraudulent intent in an immigration application, an appeal likely won’t be granted. In fact, the applicant’s chances at being able to apply later on in the future will probably be hindered if they lie or engage in fraud in an application.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With an Immigration Application?

Immigration applications are the first step towards immigration to the U.S. and/or citizenship. You may need to hire a immigration lawyer if you need assistance with filling out, submitting, and filing an immigration application. Also, your attorney can assist you if you need to file an appeal, or if you need assistance with any other immigration matters.