Immigration laws affect citizens of other countries entering and living in the United States. Immigration laws control activities include:

  • How to get a visa to stay in the United States
  • The process through which an immigrant becoming a US citizen
  • Deportation

Diversity of Visa Types: What’s a Green Card?

Different types of visas are available depending upon your purpose in the US. In general, these types are divided into two main categories: non-immigrant, temporary visas and permanent visas. A green card is a permanent visa allowing the holder to enter, exit, work and live in the United States for life. Green cards are available to close relatives of US citizens, refugees, preferred employees, and by lottery. You may also gain entry to the US on a temporary visa issued for visiting, working, or going to school.

What Are Some Grounds for Visa Denial?

The US may deny you a visa if you have a history of terrorist or criminal activities, drug abuse, or disease. Even if you have a visa you can be deported if you commit a crime.

The Naturalization Process: How to Become a U.S. Citizen

To become a citizen of the United States you must be a permanent resident of the US for five years and pass a citizenship test. Citizenship through this naturalization process guarantees the full rights and privileges of a US citizen and can not be denied by the government.

Why Seek an Attorney’s Advice?

Complex and changing U.S. immigration laws can be particularly difficult to sort through and apply to your individual facts. An immigration attorney may help you getting a refugee or a permanent resident status, as well as filing for naturalization and petitioning for various types of visas.

Complexity of immigration laws may be exacerbated by non-citizens’ unusual personal situations, lack of experience with U.S. legal system, cultural differences or language barriers. A qualified immigration attorney will address not only your immediate needs, but also your long-term goals, as well as strategies of achieving them.

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