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What is an Odometer Rollback?

When a vehicle is transferred, the new owner must give you a written odometer statement disclosing the car's true mileage at the time of transfer.  Occasionally, a dealer or an individual will alter the mileage on a car's odometer to deceive a consumer.  This act is known as an odometer rollback. 

How Can I Avoid Odometer Fraud?

The best way to avoid odometer fraud is go through the chain of title and check to see if the mileage conforms to the mileage on the car.  Other ways to check for odometer fraud is by:

What is the Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act?

Under the Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act, otherwise known as the Odometer Act, the following actions are forbidden:

What am I Entitled to if I am a Victim of Odometer Fraud?

If you are a victim of odometer fraud you may be entitled to three times the damage you suffered plus attorney's fees.   

Do I Need a Lawyer for my Odometer Fraud Problem?

Odometer fraud can cost you thousands of dollars in frustrating breakdowns and repairs.  If you would like a lawyer to check the chain of title for odometer fraud, an experienced attorney can do the search for you.  A lawyer can also help you obtain damages if you believe you were the victim of a fraudulent odometer rollback.  If you have been accused of odometer fraud, a lawyer can help defend you.

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