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 What is Kohl?

Kohl, or Surma, is a traditional cosmetic used to add color or even as a medication.  Mainly used by those from African or East Indian countries, it has found its way to the United States. While it has no medicinal use, it contains high levels of lead sulfide.  Most people are familiar with lead poisoning through chipping paint, but this source is more potent because there is direct exposure to the skin or digestion.

Adverse Effects of Kohl

Lead is a very toxic substance that can affect your nervous and digestive systems.  In children, learning disabilities, hyperactivity and lethargy are prevalent.  In adults, changes in sleep patterns, hyperactivity, and poor coordination are signs of lead poisoning.  More serious symptoms can include seizures and comas.

Current Status of Kohl

Kohl has been declared unsafe for public sales by the FDA and has banned its importation into the United States.  However, Kohl related injuries still occur throughout the country.   If you have used Kohl or Surma you should contact your physician immediately.  If you have suffered injuries related to Kohl or Surma, you may wish to contact an experienced defective products lawyer to preserve your legal rights and ability to recover for your injuries.


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