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How are Trial Lawyers Paid?

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What is a Trial Lawyer?

A trial lawyer, also known as a litigation lawyer, is a lawyer that is retained specifically to sue another party in civil court. Civil law the opposite of criminal law. In criminal law, the state or the county will bring charges against an individual. Whereas civil law is when one party or person brings a suit against another party or person.

What Kind of an Arrangement Will My Attorney Require?

Litigation lawyers will base their client arrangements on many different factors. Cost of services, kinds of fees, the difficulty of the case, the level of experience of the lawyers retained, the nature of the representation required, and the market rates for lawyers in your area will all be taken into consideration when your lawyer determines an amount to charge you for your specific case.

When an attorney sets a fee structure for you, he or she will also put that into a written agreement for you. The written agreement is your legally binding document that indicates what you can expect from your attorney and your attorney can expect from you. This document is extremely important as it will outline the “scope of representation.” This refers to the specific services the lawyer intends to provide in exchange for his or her fees. Be sure that all the legal services you require are outlined in your written agreement.

Your attorney may be willing to work out a payment plan or let you pay in installments. But this is something they will discuss with individual clients.

Which Fees Will My Attorney Charge? 

Specific fees will vary by law firm, but many lawyers charge initial consultation fees, retainer fees, or flat rates depending on the nature of the case.

Do I Need a Lawyer? 

Litigation is a complex and lengthy process that requires representation, so each party involved in a lawsuit should have a lawyer. A trial lawyer will help you make your best case and represent you during settlement negotiations and in court.

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