The State Bar of California is the largest bar association in the United States, with over 200,000 members.  The California Bar’s website offers quite a bit of useful information for the public.

First, the California Bar allows you to find information on any of its members on its website.  This free service will provide the educational history of the attorney and the date he or she was admitted to the bar.  It will also show if any disciplinary or administrative actions have been taken against the attorney.

Another service offered by the State Bar of California is a simple “fill in the blanks” form to make a will.  This form creates a valid will as long as it is completely filled out and signed by two witnesses.  However, it only should be used if you have a fairly small estate.  Otherwise, you should hire a lawyer to draft a will. 

Finally, the State Bar of California can point you in the right direction if you are either looking for a lawyer or having a problem with your lawyer.  The California Bar’s website keeps a list of local county bar associations.  These county bars offer an attorney referral service to help you find a lawyer skilled in the area of the law that you are concerned with.  Also, these associations usually have arbitration programs to help resolve disputes between lawyers and their clients.  Most of these disputes involve the fees charged by the lawyer.