Civil courts hear cases that are brought by a private plaintiff against a defendant, usually for damages. This is in contrast to criminal cases, which are brought by the state (through a prosecutor) against a criminal defendant. New York and Bronx civil courts hear a variety of claims in many main areas of civil law, including personal injury, family law, tort law, business law, and other areas.

What Types of Cases Are Heard in Civil Court?

Some common types of cases that are processed through the civil court system include:

Other common claims may include contract violations, product liability cases, and various types of business claims. There may be a monetary minimum limit for cases heard in civil courts (smaller amounts may be heard in small claims courts).

What Are Some Common Remedies Issued in Civil Court?

In the majority of civil court claims, the legal remedy will be a damages award. This is usually a basic economic damages award that covers losses such as property damage, hospital costs, lost profit, and other losses. In some cases, punitive damages may be award for conduct that is intentionally or is grossly negligent.

Alternatively, many civil court cases end up with the court issuing an injunction. This is a legal order that requires one party to take certain actions (or to refrain from doing certain actions). An example of this is where the court orders a factory to clean toxic mess resulting from non-conforming production methods.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Civil Court Issues?

Bronx civil court claims can often involve some very complicated legal issues. You may need to hire a Bronx lawyer if you need help with any civil law claims. Your attorney can assist you with the filing process and can represent you during court hearings. Also, if you have any specific legal needs or requests, your lawyer may be able to accommodate your interests and inform you of your options.