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What Is the Provisional Waiver?

As of March 4, 2013, illegal U.S. aliens may apply for a provisional waiver to their green card applications. The provisional waiver will allow the applicant to obtain an answer to their visa application from U.S. Citizenship prior to their consular visa interview.

If the applicant receives a "yes," then they can leave the United States and be allowed to return to the United States as a permanent resident. If the answer is a "no," the applicant will not get a visa and cannot leave the United States. If the applicant does leave, then he or she cannot return for 3 to 10 years

Am I Eligible?

The provisional waiver option is only available for individuals who are currently residing in the United States. Additionally, it is only available to those who are:

Also, it must be true that if you are not granted the waiver, then your immediate relatives in the United States will suffer extreme financial hardship.

Consulting an Immigration Lawyer

If you would like to apply for a provisional waiver, please contact an experienced immigration lawyer. He will assess your situation and determine whether you will be granted a provisional waiver. Also, he will review your application to ensure that the immigration services will not kick you out of the country.

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