Garbage truck accidents, or trash truck accidents, are accidents that involve the trucks that pick up curbside garbage in residential neighborhoods. Due to the size of these types of vehicles, garbage truck accidents can be serious. Also, they drive closer to the sidewalks and near driveways more than typical vehicles, which increases the likelihood of an accident near a home. Garbage truck accidents can involve:

  • Collisions with other vehicles (both moving and parked)
  • Collisions with pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Property damage

In particular, cars backing out of driveways and small children playing near sidewalks can pose risks of accidents for garbage trucks. Garbage trucks also make frequent stops in the middle of the road (for instance, to load trash or recycle bins), which can also cause an accident.

Who Can be Held Liable for Injuries Caused by a Garbage Truck Accident?

Depending on the situation, different parties can be held liable for a garbage truck accident. In some cases, the driver of a garbage truck can be held liable for injuries caused by their negligence. For instance, if they disregarded the rules of the road while operating the truck, they could be held liable for an accident.

In other cases, the owner of the garbage collection services company can be held liable for negligence. In some cases, this might be a city/municipal department, but in some areas it could be a privately owned company. An example of this where the garbage collection services company fails to maintain properly cared for vehicles in their garbage truck fleet. They could be held liable if they allowed a driver to use a truck that they knew or should have known to be defective.

Lastly, the manufacturer of a garbage truck vehicle could be held liable for accidents caused by a defective vehicle. An example of this is where there is a defect with the truck’s braking system, causing it to have difficulties in stopping.

Are There any Remedies for a Garbage Truck Accident Claim?

Garbage truck accidents can be serious and may require legal action. In such lawsuits, the remedy will typically entail a monetary damages award to compensate the plaintiff for their injuries. The damages may cover losses associated with medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and other similar expenses.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with a Garbage Truck Accident Case?

Garbage truck accident lawsuits can be complex and may require the assistance of a lawyer. It may be in your best interest to hire a truck accident lawyer near you if you need help with a legal case. Your attorney can represent you during the process and can provide legal advice as well.