Electric motorcycles are relatively new products that use electric components and motor aspects to power the bike, rather than conventional fuel-fed or gas engines. Like other hybrid or electric automobiles, electric motorcycles are designed with certain goals in mind, such as a reduction in carbon emissions and less dependency on petroleum-based fuel products.

Electric motorcycles are beginning to match conventional motorcycles in terms of power, speed, and performance. As such, they are also subject to similar crash and accident issues as any motorcycle or motorbike. However, electric motorcycle accidents may also have some unique issues involved due to the electric aspects of the bike’s function. These issues can include:

  • Problems with the motorcycle’s engine overheating (due to the reliance on electrical rather than fuel and combustion power)
  • Differences in acceleration and speed when the bike is in operation (this can cause confusion for other drivers on the road)
  • Noise – electric motorcycles can be much quieter than conventional bikes, which can sometimes make them more difficult to hear or detect on the road

Thus, electric motorcycle accidents can involve aspects that are distinct from a conventional motorcycle crash. However, both types of motorcycles can still result in very serious injuries, including broken bones, spine/neck/head injuries, and other serious conditions.

Who May be Held Liable for an Electric Motorcycle Accident or Crash?

Various parties can be held liable for an electric motorcycle accident or crash. These parties can include:

  • Other car or truck drivers on the road
  • Pedestrians
  • The driver of the electric motorcycle (i.e. contributory negligence)
  • Manufacturers of the electric motorcycle (for instance, if there is a defect with the motorcycle)

Electric motorcycle defects can again be different from defects associated with conventional gas-powered motorcycles. With electric motorcycles, the main concern would be an overheating of the engine. This is especially true for older electric motorcycle models where the engine capacity was not on par with conventional motorcycle power. Also, as with any electric vehicle, there is a risk of electrical fire caused by the electric components of the vehicle. All of these may lead to legal action against the manufacturer if injury results from defects in these regards.

Are There any Legal Remedies Available for an Electric Motorcycle Accident?

As in any vehicle accident, legal remedies may be available for the injured party, depending on factors such as liability, state laws, and the amount of damage/injuries incurred. For electric motorcycle accidents or crashes, legal remedies typically involve a monetary damages award to compensate the injured party. This is generally sufficient to cover losses like medical expenses, property damage, and other costs.

For claims involving a product defect or recall, the case may sometimes be filed as a class action suit. This may cover losses experienced by large sectors of the consumer population who have been injured or affected by the defect issue.

Should I Hire a Lawyer if I Need Assistance with an Electric Motorcycle Crash Lawsuit?

As with any motorcycle accident, an electric motorcycle crash can lead to some very serious injuries, which can sometimes be life-threatening. It may be within your best interests to hire a personal injury lawyer in your area if you need help with an electric motorcycle accident claim. Your attorney can research the injury laws in your area to determine what types of remedies might be available for you. Also, if you need to appear in court, your lawyer can provide you with guidance and representation at those times as well.