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Who are Considered First Time Offenders?

There are many people that are first time DUI offenders. Simply, these individuals have never been caught drinking and driving before. The government can take a variety of measures against first time offenders but some common themes resonate with first time DUI offenders.

What are Some Penalties for DUI Offenders?

First time DUI offenders are probably going to have certain penalties imposed. These penalties may include:

Can I Get a Restricted Driver's License?

A court will typically allow a DUI offender to a restricted driver's license. A first time offender might be able to drive to and from work but for no other purpose. However, a one month's suspension is required before a restricted driver's license can be granted.

Should I Consult an Attorney?

An experienced criminal defense attorney can be extremely helpful in DUI cases. These defense attorneys can help to evaluate the evidence against a suspect and determine whether the field sobriety tests were administered correctly. In addition, experienced criminal defense attorneys might be able to reduce any penalties imposed on first time offenders.

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