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What Constitutes a DUI Arrest?

A DUI arrest usually occurs after the officer has stopped the driver for a traffic violation and after the stop the officer has probable cause to believe that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or is otherwise too impaired to drive a motor vehicle safely. After the stop has been made and the officer has conducted a field sobriety test, the first stage of the criminal process in a DUI case begins once the officer has placed the driver under arrest.

When Can an Officer Make a DUI Arrest?

A police officer that has stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation may place the driver under arrest for a DUI in the following circumstances:

What Happens After the Officer Makes a DUI Arrest?

There are four phases that occur after the officer has placed the driver under arrest:

Should I Contact a Lawyer Regarding a DUI Arrest?

As there are may aspects to DUI arrests that may be contended in court, it is a very wise idea to contact a DUI lawyer. Anything from improper arrest procedure to mistreatment of the suspect may be contested in court, and a criminal defense lawyer may be able to help get you off on one of these procedural aspects.  

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