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What Are DUI Pre-Trial Motions?

Pre-trial motions are tools used by the government and defense attorneys in an effort to set the boundaries for trial. These motions are arguments put forth by both sides to help the judge decide what physical evidence and testimony can be used and what legal arguments can be made at trial. These motions also help the judge decide if there is any reason the defendant should not stand trial.

When Do DUI Pre-Trial Motions Occur?

Pre-trial DUI motions occur after the preliminary hearing, but before a criminal case goes to trial.

What Typical Arguments Are Made During Pre-Trial Motions?

In a DUI prosecution, there may be several motions made, but the common arguments are: 

Should I Contact a Lawyer Regarding My DUI Pre-Trial Motion?

Only an experienced DUI attorney is going to have a firm grasp on the correct pre-trial motions to make to help you with your DUI charges. In addition to the common arguments above, there are many valuable pre-trial motions that a DUI attorney can make  that may help you receive reduced penalties or avoid facing criminal charges altogether.

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