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Workplace disputes are both common and inevitable. Situations may involve something as simple as a clash in personalities, either between employees or between an employer and an employee. Often times, however, a workplace dispute relates to more serious issues, including disciplinary actions, wage and overtime disputes and discrimination or harassment. The following links provide more information:

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Wrongful Termination Legal Issues

Wrongful Termination occurs when an employer either fires or lays off an employee for reasons that are unjust, against public policy or illegal. However, every state has adopted an "At-Will" employment doctrine, which generally allows an employer to fire or lay off an employee for any reason they deem fit. This can even include personality conflicts that seemingly have nothing to do with job performance. However, it is not uncommon for a former "at-will" employee to sue their employer for wrongful termination and be compensated. The following links provide more in depth information on this complicated area of law:

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Should I Seek Legal Help?

There is an undeniable power imbalance when it comes to disputes between employers and employees. Employers are often more knowledgeable about employment law and have access to legal advice. Therefore, if you are involved in a workplace dispute or have been the victim of wrongful termination, it is important to consult an experienced employment lawyer who will protect your rights.