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What Are Fake ID's?

Fake ID's, or fake identification cards, are identification documents or placards that have been falsified or forged. They are often used to obtain access to places, products, or privileges that the person is not authorized for. In most cases, an entirely new card is created either by machine or by hand and laminated and finished to make it look official.

In some cases, only parts of an existing authentic card are altered to create the fake ID. For instance, an ID card can be changed in a number of aspects, including:

In addition, new computer technologies often create different ways to reproduce ID cards.

What Are Some Common Uses of Fake ID’s?

Perhaps one of the most common uses of fake ID’s is to purchase alcohol. Persons who are under the legal drinking age often obtain fake ID’s and learn where to buy alcohol with a fake ID. Other common uses of fake ID’s include:

What Are Some Penalties for Fake ID Crimes?

Penalties for fake ID crimes can vary depending on the type of violation involved. Some violations, such as entering a private area with a fake ID may result in a simple warning or a fine. Other violations, such as using the fake ID to buy alcohol, can result in simple misdemeanor charges, which can lead to fines and/or jail time. Some violations can result in felony charges, such as using a fake ID to impersonate a police officer.

Penalties can also result for shopkeepers and other persons who knowingly accept a fake ID and assist in the perpetration of a crime. Manufacturing fake IDs is also a crime. Also, civil charges may result if the use of a fake ID has led to financial losses for another person.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Fake ID Violations?

Using or accepting a fake ID can be a serious charge and can result in heavy legal consequences. You may need to hire a lawyer if you are experiencing any legal issues due to a fake or fraudulent ID. Your attorney can review the facts of your claim to determine what legal options you have, and whether there are any defenses that are applicable to your case.

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