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What Constitutes a Repeat DWI Offender in New York?

In New York state, a repeat Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) offender is one who has had 2 or more offenses within 10 years of each other. 

What are the Most Common Forms of Punishment for DWI?

For any DWI offense in New York, judges are usually given discretion as to the punishment depending on the circumstances. Some forms of punishment include: 

What Happens to a Repeat Offender After Each DWI Offense?

In New York, a DWI offense is punished according to the circumstances. Each subsequent offense incurs greater penalties, more severe fines and punishments:

Do I Need a Lawyer if I'm Charged With Another DWI?

Seeking the advice of a criminal law attorney is wise when facing DWI charges. An experienced New York DWI Lawyer can best advise you of your rights and can fully represent you in any criminal proceedings.

A qualified New York defense attorney or lawyer can provide you more information if there is a legal basis for your case. For more local legal information, please see these pages:

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