Driving under the influence (DUI) of prescription drugs is the same crime as driving under the influence of alcohol in Nevada. A prescription drug is any controlled substance a person obtains from a doctor to treat or cure a medical condition.

What Prescription Drugs Are Likely to Cause Me to Be Arrested for a Drugged DUI?

Some of the prescription drugs that may impair your ability to drive are:

  • Antidepressants: Can cause debilitating sedation
  • Decongestants: Can cause drowsiness, anxiety, and drowsiness, and anxiety
  • Antihistamines: Can cause a slower reaction time and decrease coordination
  • Sleeping pills: Drowsiness continues throughout the day
  • Valium: A 10-milligram dose may give a person a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of 0.10 percent
  • Narcotic pain medications: Can impair a person’s ability to focus and/or react

Does Nevada Have a Per Se Intoxication Law?

Yes. The per se intoxication law permits police to arrest a person for DUI if their ability to drive appears to be impaired. The assumed impairment may come from consuming alcohol, illegal controlled substance, over-the-counter medication, or prescription drugs.

What Are the Penalties for Prescription DUI?

The penalties for a prescription DUI conviction are the same as being convicted for drunk driving in Nevada, which means that a first conviction for a prescription DUI is a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor DUI conviction is punishable by:

  • 48 hour to six months in county jail
  • $1,000 fine
  • 90-day suspension of one’s driver’s license
  • Attendance at a Victim Impact Panel
  • Eight hours of driving school
  • Possible installation of a Breath Interlock Device for three to six months

Can I Face Tougher Charges for a Prescription DUI in Nevada?

Yes. Whether a person is charged with a misdemeanor or felony DUI depends on the number of offenses and whether a person caused injuries or death to a victim.

Do I Need to Discuss My Case with an Attorney?

Yes. Contact a Nevada DUI/DWI attorney immediately to been resolving your prescription drug DUI. Your attorney will work to get the charged dismissed, reduced, or prepare for trial.