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When Should I Consider Using Experts To Determine Spousal and Child Support?

Experts should be strongly considered in complex or high-asset family cases.  Experts may be valuable consultants in determining child support and spousal support in divorce cases, though the expense of hiring an expert is usually a deterrent for most people.

What Types of Experts Are Effective In Determining Support?

The types of experts most commonly used are: 

How Can I Find an Expert?

One place to find an expert is your local university or college.  Every type of expert listed above can almost always be found at an educational institution and will probably be willing to be your expert for the lowest pay.  It is also possible to use national associations to find highly accredited experts or to request help from book authors.  These two options are expensive, but may be worth the quality of expertise you receive in return, especially in cases involving complicated legal issues or cases in which a large sum of money is in dispute.  

Do I Need an Attorney To Help Find an Expert?

An attorney can be very helpful in deciding if you need an expert and how you should find one.  Very often, such experts have been employed by attorneys in the past, so they can simply enroll their services again for you case.

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