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What Is Palimony?

It is defined as a form of alimony due to a person who was part of a non-married relationship. The term describes the support that one partner may request from the other when the relationship between them ends.

In the past few decades, an increasing number of people have decided to live together without being married. These unmarried couples typically do not have the same rights and protections that married couples have. Following this trend, many courts have started to recognize in certain situations that an unmarried person may have a right to get financial support from a former partner after their relationship ends.

How Does One Get Palimony?

Past decisions have generally held that: 

What Are Some of the Differences between Alimony and Palimony?

Despite the law of some states allowing one partner to give financial support to the other when the relationship ends, there are some fundamental differences between them as well. Some differences between the two are: 

When Can I File a Lawsuit?

There are no specific guidelines by which a lawsuit should be filed, but a complaint should generally have: 

Do I Need a Lawyer for my Palimony Issue?

Whenever these issues are at stake, you should consult with a lawyer. An experienced family law attorney will inform you of your rights and help to achieve available legal remedies.

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