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What Is Antitrust Law?

Antitrust law is a broad category of U.S. federal law that regulates business enterprises. Antitrust law attempts to curtail monopolistic business activity and strives to promote a free market economy that provides consumers with a reasonable amount of choice in services, products, and costs.

What Is an Antitrust Violation?

There are several ways in which a business enterprise can be in violation of the antitrust law. The courts examine possible antitrust violations under a standard of "per se violations." Under this framework, all that must be proven in court is that the accused actually committed one of several "per se violations." The intent of the accused or the effects of their actions are irrelevant. Some of the more notable antitrust per se violations are:

The Three Main Antitrust / Trade Regulation Laws

There are three main statutory schemes that make up the U.S. antitrust law. Either the Antitrust Division of the Justice Department or the Federal Trade Commission primarily enforces all three federal statutes.

Do I Need an Attorney Experienced in Antitrust Law?

If you face allegations that you have violated an antitrust statute, immediate legal counsel should be sought. Violations of U.S. antitrust law are serious offenses carrying both civil and criminal penalties. Speaking with an attorney will inform you of your legal rights as well preserve any possible remedies you may have. If you believe another business violated the antitrust acts and harmed you or your company, you should speak to a lawyer who can properly review your case.

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