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What are Club Drugs?

MDMA (ecstasy), Rohypnol, GHB, flakka, and ketamine are among the drugs used by teens and young adults who are part of a nightclub, bar, rave, or trance scene.

What are the Penalties for the Possession or Sale of Club Drugs?

While club drugs have only recently captured the attention of law enforcement agencies across America, many states have been creating a framework for penalizing persons found to be in violation of state law relative to sale and/or possession of GHB, ketamine, ecstasy, and Rohypnol. Across the states, the statutorily imposed maximum imprisonment for the sale and possession of these drugs ranges up to life in prison. The following are some examples of state penalties for the sale and possession of club drugs.

Should I Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney about My Involvement or Accusations of Involvement with Club Drugs?

Club drug laws are a relatively recent invention, so there is a high likelihood that most people are not familiar with their jurisdiction's penalties and attitudes toward club drug prosecution. If you find yourself accused or arrested for the sale or possession of a club drug, you may find it helpful and beneficial to contact a criminal defense attorney to advise you through this complicated area of criminal law.

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