Penalties for Federal Drug Convictions

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What Type of Penalties Arise from a Federal Drug Conviction?

While the answer to this question may obviously be “prison,” it is important to remember that unlike most states, the federal government has mandatory minimum sentences. This means that a minor infraction according to state laws can lead to a long prison term in federal court.

Aside from Prison Time, What Penalties Can Result from a Federal Drug Conviction?

Other than mandatory sentences in federal prison, there are additional penalties the federal government can impose on drug offenders. The following are the most common examples of federal penalties for drug convictions:

Should I Contact a Defense Attorney?

If you have been convicted of any federal drug crime, you should consult a criminal law attorney. If you feel that any of the above penalties or consequences applies to you, an attorney will be able to explain what your options are and negotiate the best resolution of your case.

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