Types of Legal Fees

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Types of Legal Fees

Hiring a lawyer can seem very confusing to those who do not have any experience with the legal field. One question that many people forget to ask is how attorneys charge. There are three different ways that lawyers usually bill their clients:

  1. Contingency fees
  2. Hourly fees
  3. Flat fees

What Are Contingency Fees?

Contingency fees are usually limited to cases where you expect to win a financial reward. These include personal injury and workman’s compensation cases. With contingency fees, the lawyer does not take a fee up front, but instead will take a percentage of your award.

This percentage varies. However, a standard contingency fee is one third of the award. If you lose the case, the attorney does not take a fee. However, you are often responsible for expenses the lawyer incurred in trying your case. These include court filing fees and witness fees.

What Are Hourly Fees?

Lawyers charge an hourly rate for almost everything aside from personal injury cases and standard routine matters. The amount charged can vary greatly, and is determined by:

When Are Flat Fees Used?

Flat fees are used for routine matters such as:

Seeking Legal Help

When hiring a lawyer, it is important to discuss what fees the lawyer charges during your initial consultation. Although many people find it uncomfortable to discuss fees, it is important that there is no confusion between you and your attorney on this topic.

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