Accidents on Public Transportation

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Public Transportation Injuries

Injuries on public transportation, such as buses, are fairly common.  Injuries sustained on public transportation are quite similar to any other car accident in which the vehicle is insured for injuries caused by it.  Accordingly, to recover for their injuries most parties sue under the theory of negligence, claiming the driver failed to exercise reasonable care. 

What Steps Should I Take if I am Injured Riding Public Transportation?

There are certain things you can do to improve your chances of recovering for your injuries.  Like any accident involving a motor vehicle, you should gather the following information:

Do I Need a Lawyer if I Was in an Accident while Riding Public Transportation?

Public transportation agencies are protected by the city’s attorneys.  The city attorney’s will zealously defend the agency that injured you, and may prevent you from recovering at all. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you prepare a strong case and represent you in court.

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