In many car accident situations, the cause of an accident might not always be obvious. In some cases, a car accident may have actually been caused by a dangerous road condition rather than the fault of a driver. Upon closer inspection and investigation, police and other authorities may discover that dangerous road was the cause of a car accident. This is often the case for example if many accidents seem to be occurring at the same spot on a road or highway.

Dangerous road accidents can involve factors such as:

  • A failure to make the proper highway repairs
  • Failure to repair or install traffic signals or road signs
  • Accidents related to highway construction zones
  • Poles, trees, vegetation, or other objects on or next to roads
  • Unsafe crosswalks 
  • Insufficient warning signs (for instance, near a highway construction zone)
  • Faded paint (such as on a center dividing line or stop line)
  • Poor lighting
  • Poor water or sewage draining, resulting in pools in the road
  • Potholes or large cracks in the road
  • Various other conditions

Who can be Held Liable for a Dangerous Road Accident?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, different parties can be held liable for dangerous road conditions that cause an injury. In many cases, a government or municipal department can be held liable for failing to maintain safe road conditions. A common example of this is where the department that is responsible for road and highway upkeep fails to repair dangerous conditions. Liability may increase if it can be proven that the municipality knew about the conditions yet failed to make the proper repairs. Another common situation is where they fail to put up proper warning or “danger” signs.

In other cases, other agencies may be responsible for maintain safe roads in some areas. An example of this is where a school or school district fails to maintain safe roads near a school, especially with regards to bus stops and cross walks.

Construction companies can sometimes be held liable for creating dangerous conditions on or near a road. They may also be held liable for failing to barricade a dangerous area and restrict it from public access.

What are the Legal Remedies Involved in a Dangerous Road Accident Claim?

Accidents caused by a dangerous road can often be complex and may require legal action. In such cases, the remedy will usually be a monetary damages award. The damages will typically cover the plaintiff’s losses, which can include medical bills, hospital and medicine costs, property damage, and other costs. In some cases, a class action suit may be filed, especially in cases where several persons were injured by the same dangerous road condition.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with a Dangerous Road Accident Lawsuit?

Dangerous roads can cause serious injuries. It may be in your best interests to hire a personal injury lawyer in your area if you need legal representation for an injury claim. Your attorney can provide you with legal advice and can represent you during the course of the lawsuit.