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Who Are Considered Alcohol Providers?

An alcohol provider is anyone who sells or otherwise distributes alcohol to people for consumption. Traditionally, alcohol providers were not responsible for selling to minors and intoxicated individuals. This rule applied even though an intoxicated person might get into a drunk driving accident at a later time because of the alcohol that was provided. However, recent laws and regulations have provided that alcohol providers can be held liable for distributing alcohol to minors and individuals who may be of age but are clearly intoxicated.

What Types of People Are Alcohol Providers Not Supposed Sell to?

Alcohol providers can be held liable for selling their product to various types of people. These individuals include:

What Are Some Consequences for Selling to These People?

State governments have created a variety of laws that are meant to punish alcohol providers. These types of punishment include:

Why Are Alcohol Providers Responsible?

Most courts have provided that alcohol providers owe the aforementioned persons a reasonable duty of care. Basically, this means that alcohol providers must act in a manner that any reasonable provider of alcohol would act in a similar situation. Therefore, providers of alcohol must take reasonable steps to ensure that they are not serving minors or intoxicated persons.

What Are Some Steps to Protect Alcohol Providers From Liability?

Alcohol providers can take some practical and common sense steps to protect themselves from civil or criminal liability. These steps include:

Should I Hire an Attorney?

An experienced business attorney can help to determine the liability of alcohol providers in their unique situation. In addition, attorneys can provide valuable information to alcohol providers on current laws and regulations.

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