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Will a DUI Raise My Insurance Rates?

A conviction for drunk driving will almost certainly result in issues with your automobile insurance. Insurance companies have a number of options when someone they insure is convicted of a DUI. Two common outcomes are:

  1. Insurance companies can drop a policyholder. This would require the person to find another insurance provider in order to be a legal driver.
  2. Insurance companies can raise the car insurance rates of someone convicted of a DUI. The rates of a person convicted of a DUI may be so high it might be necessary to attempt to change insurance companies.

Are There Steps to Avoid Raised Insurance Rates?

There are a variety of steps a person convicted of a DUI can take regarding insurance rates. These include:

What Is an SR-22?

An SR-22 is an insurance company form that some states use to indicate to the DMV that a person’s driving privileges are no longer suspended. The SR-22 indicates to the DMV that a person is covered by some type of automobile insurance. In some states, a person that has been convicted of a DUI must have an SR-22 form to have their driver's license reinstated.

Should I Consult an Attorney?

An experienced criminal defense attorney can be extremely helpful in DUI cases. These lawyers can help to evaluate the evidence and determine whether certain procedures, such asfield sobriety tests, were administered correctly. In addition, an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to reduce penalties.

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