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Learn More About Rock Springs, WY

Rock Springs is a Sweetwater County city that boasts high concentrations of oil and natural gas wells. Rock Springs is historically known for the 1885 Rock Springs Massacre; however, the city since has transformed into a family oriented city which hosts a number of festivals including the Rock Springs Home and Garden Show.
Rock Springs also is home to a number of talented lawyers who take cases like green card immigration, estate administration, wrongful termination, child custody, as well as wills and trust cases. Lawyers in Rock Springs are familiar with local court procedures and are qualified to consult you on any legal issue which you may have.
A local Rock Springs family was forced to make a run to the Rock Springs Emergency Room recently after their daughter swallowed pieces of a Polly Pocket play set. The Bowman family has since filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for medical expenses and damages but has come to find out that they are only one of over 170 famlies that have reported children swallowing the pill size pieces. Mattel, the manufacturer, has put out a recall of the estimated 2.4 million sets sold in the United States; an additional 2 million have been sold outside the U.S.
If you are looking to fight criminal charges like a DUI in Rock Springs, you will be visiting the Third Judicial District Court in Green River. Wyoming district courts also retain exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations including divorce and custody issues, plus civil, juvenile, probate, and mental health cases along with civil and criminal appeals. To contest a traffic ticket, you will have to visit the Third Judicial District Circuit Court which is responsible for hearing real property and small claims cases that don’t exceed $7,000 and $5,000 respectively.
It’s important to have a Rock Springs lawyer who is familiar with local courts and there is no better way to find a local bar certified lawyer in Rock Springs than LegalMatch. LegalMatch will not only match you with bar certified lawyers in Rock Springs, but also provides great research materials in their LegalCenter. Also, check out our tips for selecting the best lawyer for you.
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