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Learn More About Gillette, WY

Gillette is home to the tallest structure in Wyoming: the LORAN-C facility antenna, which is a 213.36 meter tall guyed radio high mast antenna. Gillette is also the county seat of Campbell County and produces mass amounts of oil, coal, and methane gas which has earned the city title “Energy Capital of the Nation.”
Gillette is also a good place to find a lawyer who is familiar with local municipal, circuit, and district court procedures. Lawyers in Gillette take cases like wrongful termination, personal injury, criminal, divorce, and bankruptcy; however, Gillette lawyers are not limited to these cases and are qualified to consult you on any legal issue you may face.
Recently in Gillette, resident and widow Martha French settled a wrongful death lawsuit against Campbell County Memorial Hospital and Dr. Rathna Raju-Swami. French’s husband, Donald French, was involved in an auto accident and was taken to Campell Memorial where Raju-Swami ordered x-rays and sent him home. The next morning French found her husband unresponsive and was rushed to the hospital. Donald French died shortly after of internal bleeding and the lawsuit states that he warned Raju-Swami of his stomach pain. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.
If you want to file for divorce in Gillette, you will be heading to the Sixth Judicial District Court which maintains exclusive jurisdiction over many criminal cases including felonies, civil cases like lawsuits, domestic relations, juvenile, probate, mental health and appeals cases. If your real property case does not exceed $7,000, you will be filing with the Campbell 6th District Circuit Court which also handles traffic infractions and small claims that do not exceed $5,000.
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