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About Wyoming

Wyoming is the tenth-largest state geographically, yet it has the smallest population.  In part because of its low population, Wyoming does not have an intermediate appellate court, as most states do.  Instead, appeals from the state district courts go straight to the state’s highest court, the Wyoming Supreme Court.  Additionally, Wyoming maintains state circuit courts which only hear certain types of cases, such as misdemeanors and small claims.

Wyoming earned the nickname, “The Equality State,” for its long involvement in the Women’s Rights Movement.  Wyoming was the first state in the nation to grant women the right to vote.  Additionally, in 1870, Wyoming became the first state where a women served as a juror, a woman served as a court bailiff, and a woman served as justice of the peace.  And in 1924, Wyoming became the first state to elect a female governor.

Attorneys in Wyoming

Tax Lawyers in Wyoming

In 2008, the Tax Foundation named Wyoming the most “business friendly” tax area in the U.S.  Unlike the majority of states, Wyoming does not impose corporate or individual income taxes.  In addition, Wyoming does not tax, among other assets, personal property held for personal use, or inventory held for resale, cash, or stocks and bonds.

If you participate in the economy of Wyoming either by having a business, have a job, or owning some type of property, you will likely be responsible for paying state taxes. Tax issues in the state of Wyoming is not simple and getting advice or assistance from Wyoming tax attorney who is experienced in tax law is always a good idea.

Getting Legal Assistance in Wyoming

According to a report conducted by the Wyoming State Bar Association, women were always admitted to the University of Wyoming College of Law.  Further, in recent years, more women than men have been admitted to Wyoming’s law schools and State Bar.  LegalMatch maintains a diverse database of lawyers, and will make sure to find those who best meet your criteria – free of charge.  By filling out a short, confidential intake survey, you will be on your way to resolving your legal issue.

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